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6/4/24 - Sen. Ujifusa and Rep. Stewart introduce resolution to protect patients from ‘Medicare Advantage’ disadvantages

5/30/24 - Senate passes Ujifusa bill to study statewide school transportation system

5/29/24 - Reps. McGaw, Cortvriend and Sen. Ujifusa host energy efficiency info session in Portsmouth

5/28/24 - Ujifusa sponsors bill to prohibit hidden fees on consumer goods and services

5/16/24 - Senators Gu and Ujifusa to host Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration at State House

5/8/24 - Sen. Ujifusa and Rep. Cortvriend seek update of statewide school transportation system

5/1/24 - Sen. Ujifusa introduces bills to lower prescription drug and Medicaid costs

4/17/24 - Sen. Ujifusa, Rep. McGaw introduce bill to protect patients from insurers’ step therapy protocols

4/11/24 - Should lawmakers end tax breaks for some of RI biggest companies? Why two lawmakers say yes

4/2/24 - Sen. Ujifusa, Rep. Tanzi introduce bills to help patients with mental health and substance use disorders

3/19/24 - Local legislators host Secretary of State for constituent meeting on voting

3/19/24 - Sen. Ujifusa & Rep. Donovan propose tax credits for family caregivers

3/12/24 - Prognosis for healthcare bills uncertain

3/7/24 - Senate passes bill to protect patients’ pharmacy options

3/7/24 - East Bay legislators introduce legislation requiring regular, comprehensive Washington Bridge updates

2/27/24 - Sen. Ujifusa and Rep. Tanzi bill seeks to protect patients from prior authorizations used to limit health care

2/15/24 - Sen. Ujifusa resolution honors Black Revolutionary War Soldiers of the 1st R.I. Regiment

01/29/24 - Sen. Ujifusa & Rep. Cotter submit bill raising ‘circuit breaker’ tax credit to help seniors, those with disabilities

07/05/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa thanks her constituents, community leaders and colleagues

06/20/2023 - This Year at the General Assembly

05/24/2023 - Senators Gu and Ujifusa organize AAPI celebration at State House

05/08/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa: great opportunities for young AAPI leaders

04/10/2023S - Sen. Ujifusa introduces bill to audit Medicaid middlemen

04/03/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa introduces two bills to support veterans

04/10/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa introduces bill to audit Medicaid middlemen

04/03/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa introduces two bills to support veterans

03/21/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa introduces bills to lower prescription drug costs

02/16/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa, Rep. Vella-Wilkinson introduce bill to make state websites ADA compliant

02/07/2023 - Rep. McGaw and Senator Ujifusa work together to introduce environmental legislation

01/10/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa to serve on two Senate committees

01/03/2023 - Sen. Ujifusa sworn into office on first day of 2023 legislative session

To see all current legislation sponsored by Senator Ujifusa, click here and select "Ujifusa, Linda" as the sponsor.

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